PM 2.5 AQI Changes

PM 2.5 AQI Changes Scripts (Effective Date of Change is 60 days after publication in the Federal Register, so ideally the change script will be implemented on that date. May 6, 2024 is when the New AQI goes in effect.)


Sample Data Handling Application Note

Options for Filer Sampler Config

Cal Error Calculation

Best Practices for Implementation of EPA QA Handbook (Gases)

Configuring the File Import Service (File Import Tool)

Generating Monthly and Annual Averages in Data Analysis

Using Domo for Data Visualizations

Using Reporting Views for Data extraction

Using Data API REST Services for Data Extraction

Converter Efficiency Reports

Using The Data Grade QA Levels

Hourly Max Using Data Analysis

Auto Null Coding Cal Precision Using Pseudo Bit

Generating Shelter Temp STDEV in Data Analysis

Direct Poll Troubleshooting Tree

Moving AirVision and SQL Database to New PC

Moving AirVision Server to a New PC

Collecting Real-Time Data from Vaisala Ceilometer

Calculating 24-hour Coefficient of Variation (flow) and Standard Deviations (shelter temp)


Options for Controlling Windows update in AirVision

Instrumentation / 8872:

8872 Security Bulletin

8872 New Channel Type for HTTP endpoint

Remote Connectivity Options for 8872 Loggers

Restoring an 8872 from the Backup Capsule

Calibration Actual Values from Calibrator Data

8872 Analog Troubleshooting

8872 Remote Desktop Security

Modbus and GSI Troubleshooting Trees

Purple Air API Changes July 2022