AgileWebTM “Ready To Go” Public Information Web Site

AgilewebTM for AirVision fulfills three roles for air quality data – first, it provides a detailed public information system
by which residents can easily see real-time quality data as well as review historical air quality data through easy
to generate reports and graphs. Secondly, AgileWeb offers a password-protected web interface for common
functions by users outside of the normal monitoring group, such as entry of AQI forecasts and data editing/
approval (for example, by lab data or air toxic groups).

Finally, AgileWebTM offers a full two-way system for importing and exporting AQS data (both text and XML 2.0 format),
allowing full interface to NEIEN Exchange Nodes, as well as providing accessible data to entities that may not have
normal access to an Exchange Node. AgileWebTM is unique in this capability from other web interfaces to
data management systems.
AgileWebTM can be quickly deployed in standard form and has extensive flexibility to allow user customization.

Optional Contour Map Available
Add Concentration/Value Layer Choices as well as AQI

Central Navigator / Map Overlay

Presents an overall map display, with a color coded marker showing the AQI value. A mouse rollover popup will
show the responsible pollutant and concentration value. Clicking on a site or choosing a region allows the user
to drill down for more detail, or the user can select a climate region to show the entire AQI for the selected region.

Site Detail Display

Hyperlinks to site names link to a page displaying the latest value of all pollutants, AQI for the previous X hours, site
picture, details of instruments and monitored pollutants, location, and any other narrative details of the site desired.

External/Internal Reporting

All AirVision reports can be made available in a menu, or as static hyperlinks for predefined reports (parameters,
date range), etc. Can be used for both public internet and internal intranet web-based reporting of historical data.

AgileWeb Information

Download AgileWeb Brochure
Download this page with screen shots
AgileWeb Manual (June 2018)