Steve Drevik

Chief Principal
Steve has over 30 years experience with ambient monitoring, and his background includes development of the 8816/8832 software, business development in the ambient and source monitoring markets, project implementations, and trainings. Steve is well-known in the ambient industry in the US and worldwide.

Paul Yankey

Vice President of Operations & Director of Hosting and Project Support
Paul directs the software release and testing processes to ensure consistent delivery of updates of all of Agilaire’s products. Paul also brings detailed MS-SQL expertise to project and support activities, ensuring a central point for database management issues. Paul has also taken on responsibility for overseeing project management functions, and Agilaire’s growing fleet of hosted systems.


Rena’ Dykes

Support Director
Rena’ is well-known to Agilaire’s customers, having managed support for the E-DAS products, CLAIRE and data loggers since 1998. Having a Bachelors degree in Electronic Engineering, she brings considerable expertise covering the most difficult support cases.

Debra Grey

Projects Director
Debra has managed data management project implementation and provided direct support to customers in the form of training and supporting reporting and communication issues since 1999. Debra has recently managed two of the largest Agilaire projects, the State of Georgia and Great Basin Unified APCD in California.

Randy Brown

Senior Developer
Randy, worked on the first iteration of AirVision™, and is managing the development of many of the critical core processes such as polling and the task scheduler. His attention to detail and focus on the user interface ensures a solid foundation in AirVision ™, as well as an easy to use product. More recently, Randy has been focused on mobile applications like MyAQI and Tech Assist, bringing tools for the public and end users to mobile devices.

Jay McMurray

Production Manager
Jay manages assembly and logistics management of production and distribution of our flagship Model 8872 product, as well as production and repair of the legacy Model 8832 data loggers.

Victoria Kay

Information Science Director
Victoria brings organizational support to clients and partners performing a variety of tasks including web projects, sales followups, market research, developing marketing copy and tools, preparing quotations, research for procurement directly supporting Steve Drevik, Chief Principal and assisting others of the Agilaire Team.