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MyAQI app offers up to date and reliable air quality data that relates to those with personal health conditions.    This is one app that you can trust it’s sources are “US EPA approved” air quality monitoring equipment, and that the readings will display the quality based upon one’s sensitivities to outdoor air pollutants.   This personified display of air quality data is critical for those suffering with asthma or cardiac issues.


MyAQI mobile app is unique in that it allows the user to control weighting factors related to their personal conditions or interest.    A user concerned with asthma can more heavily weight ozone data, while a user with cardiac issues can more heavily weight particulate data.
Also missing from the traditional AQI is consideration of the synergistic effects of multiple pollutants, since the current approach is to only report the highest AQI value.   A person doesn’t feel the same when ozone is 150 and PM is 146, compared to another day when ozone is 150 and PM is 30. MyAQI allows the user to optionally add synergistic weighting to consider the effects of AQI levels when major pollutant AQI values are close to each other. This ability to personalize also makes the user more involved in the AQI and personal decision making, compared with more passive applications.

Integration with AirVision / Security

To avoid security and performance loading issues, AgileWeb runs against a cloud server via annual subscription. The agency only needs to add a task to push hourly AQI data to Agilaire’s cloud server. All mobile apps connect to the cloud server, avoiding any security or performance issues for the agency.  The app uses the user’s current location or manually entered zip code to find the closest monitoring site with AQI data.

MyAQI mobile app MyAQI mobile app MyAQI mobile app