Electronic Logbooks Encouraged by US EPA

In 2015, US EPA provided additional guidelines for site logbooks, promoting electronic logbooks over paper logbooks and including the need for electronic logbooks to be:

  • Indelible (cannot be edited or removed)
  • Secure (backed up and retrievable in the case of file loss)
  • Traceable (clearly and accurately identify who made the entries)

All of these functions had already been incorporated in the Site Logbook function in AirVision / AVTrend, but we took the opportunity to re-promote the use of the Site Logbook and to add additional capabilities through our Asset Tracking / Work Item module. For full information on the traditional use of the Standard Site Logbook, as well as the expanded capabilities with the Asset Tracking / Work Item module, please see our application note – Using the Asset Tracking Tool To Create An Enhanced Logbook