AirVision and SQL Server installed on the same machine: AirVision only installed on machine (with SQL hosted elsewhere):
SQL Server installed on machine (with AirVision installed elsewhere):
AVTrend “Site” PC with SQL Server Express:
AVTrend “Central” PC with SQL Server:
Windows 10 or greater

Server 2016 or greater

SQL Server 2014 through current Microsoft standard release

Microsoft .NET Framework versions 3.5SP1 and 4.8

Processor i7 or equivalent i5  or equivalent

i5 or equivalent

i3  or equivalent i5 or equivalent
Memory Minimum 32GB 16GB 16GB

 8+GB recommended

Hard Drive

500GB, 1TB recommended


500GB, 1TB recommended

60GB, 120GB recommended

200GB , 500GB recommended

On board serial ports if modem polling still in use

Firewall / security considerations AirVision server to poll sites / instruments

AirVision server to poll sites / instruments

AirVision server to read, write, and execute against the SQL database

AirVision server polling of the Site PC

AVTrend to poll sites / instruments

***If running in a virtualized environment, Windows and SQL Server 2012 (or greater) both are strongly recommended due to known performance issues with earlier versions in virtual configurations.***