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View the Training Schedule for upcoming dates for scheduled public training at our Knoxville, TN corporate office.  Optional training opportunities include those where we come to you:

1) Hosting a Training at Your Site
Host a training session at your site (one fixed cost), and with the enrollment of four additional trainees from your region you’ll get one free seat in the class.

2) Regional Training at a Site Near You if you don’t have the room at your facilityPay an affordable fee to attend training hosted by another site.

We offer training opportunities in the following areas:

AirVision™ Transition Training
Learn to take advantage of all of AirVision’s™ new features. This training is oriented around customers who are already familiar with the 8816/8832 data logger series and want to explore the differences, including the new graphical data reviewing tools, use of Favorites, and configuration details. Includes exposure to the optional Generic File Import Tool and Automatic Data Validation Processor.

Serial and Modbus Digital Communications
Usually taught in conjunction with a software package, this training module explains how to configure digital interrogation of “Smart” analyzers for parametric, status, and operational data relative to the instrument.

Computerized Local Air Index Reporting System (CLAIRE)
CLAIRE training explains how to set up the automated voice reporting system, including writing design and scripts, setting properties, importing sites and parameters, creating areas, setting up descriptive phrases, defining pollutants, recording phrases and messages, and setting up menu options.

E-DAS Ambient for Windows and Digi-Trend
E-DAS Ambient for Windows typically consists a brief history of ambient air quality monitoring, a description of monitoring systems and configurations, an introduction to the 8816 and 8832 data loggers, and an explanation of digital communications. If Digi-Trend training is included, the strip chart for both historical and real-time data is demonstrated.

Ambient Model 8816/8832 Data Logger Only
Training for only the model 8816/8832 data loggers includes a system overview, a description of the hardware, menu navigation, channel types and configurations, calibrations, serial interface channels, reports, serial/Modbus polling functions, and troubleshooting with the status menu.