Agilaire offers AirVision™, the first software that addresses current air monitoring needs while accommodating future technical innovations.

AirVision™/CEM is specifically designed to meet these needs. With its Automatic Data Validation Processor (ADVP), AirVision ™ can both make necessary data/flag adjustments and provide notifications for the most important data conditions via e-mail.

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Perhaps the most versatile data acquisition system, Digi-Trend / AV-Trend turns a regular PC and Model 8816/8832 data logger into a digital strip chart system that can be used to augment the interface at an ambient monitoring site, or as a stand-alone data acquisition system for laboratory testing, process monitoring, or Compliance Assurance Monitoring (CAM) applications.

Ambient Data Loggers Model 8872
Ambient Data Loggers ESC Model 8864

The Model 8872 is a true digital site platform for all your site needs, including traditional I/O, direct polling of serial / Ethernet based equipment (improving on the 8832’s existing capabilities), and providing a host platform for other required site software such as APICOM, iPort, etc. All controlled by a fully graphical user interface, familiar to any AirVision user.